Entrepreneur A 15 launches in Egypt to accelerate digital transformation pace
press conference of biggest entrepreneur in the digital technology sector in the Arab World A15

Cairo, October 4, 2015: A15 Company has announced its launch in the Egyptian market as the biggest entrepreneur in the digital technology sector in the Arab World as well as the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). A15 seeks to expand peoples’ limits and capabilities through the use of technology. A15 provides digital products and services for consumers to facilitate their lives as well as to entertain and empower them. This was announced during a press conference held on Sunday, October 4th, 2015 in the presence of Mr. Fadi Antaki, the CEO of A15, along with company leaders and senior media representatives, specialized in Information Technology field.

A15 is considered a youthful and entrepreneurial company with a business turnover of approximately $100 million. The company adopts and develops new ideas and transforms them into innovative digital products and influential technology brands that meet the markets’ needs. A15 supports consumers in Egypt and the Middle East in bringing their own ideas and business models to reality, in addition to facilitating their communication through multiple digital channels.

Fadi Antaki, CEO of A15, stated during the conference that “A15 focuses on utilizing technology to facilitate communication between people and to simplify their daily duties and accomplish them in a more efficient manner”. He also added that: “With no doubt, the digital economy world is currently strongly imposing itself, especially with the adoption of new business models, as well as the change in the behavior of users. This has made us (A15) keen on providing services and solutions that are “NOW” or in other words aligned with today’s beat and trends”.

Antaki also mentioned that A15 has extensive experience in the field of media and digital technology within the region. The company has a proven track record of high growth rate for A15 existing mature companies and an accelerated growth rate for our emerging companies and startups.

“We believe that technology today is changing the way people behave and even the way they use their different senses, we want to build on that and offer digital products and services that will truly change peoples’ lives and expand their limits and capabilities” stated Antaki. “To do that A15, continuously seeks expansion in new markets to strengthen its presence all over the region. A15 works diligently in developing and transforming innovative ideas into practical and successful projects. In the coming phase, A15,  will focus on investing in products or companies that are in a growth stage only and help them through A15’s vast digital eco-system, and will continue incubating internal ideas only to transform them into large companies”, he added.

A15 has more than 15 commercial entities for which about 1000 employees are working in 16 offices serving 20 promising markets in the Middle East region. These entities include companies such as; “ConnectAds” a digital media sales house, “Link Development” a technology solution provider, “ArpuPlus” offering value added mobile services, “LinkDataCenter” for hosting services, “E7gezly” specialized in online booking, “Tpay” for mobile payment “Mazika” for music streaming, “El3ab” online multiplayer gaming, “YallaKora” your sports destination specialized in football, “Masrawy” a general portal for all kind of news, “ArabFinance” for online trading, in addition to “DishDino” and “Performly” that will be launched in 2016.

It is worth noting that A15 is owned by “A15 Fund”, which is managed by “Accelero Capital”. Accelero is an investment and management group focused on telecommunications, digital media and technology, but rapidly diversifying into other fields. Accelero`s team has an unparalleled track record in strategic, operational and financial management. It leverages its expertise and sector know-how to identify high-growth assets and assets with turnaround potential.

Karim Beshara, Member of A15 Board of Directors mentioned that, “We believe that by aligning A15’s team’s objectives with Accelero’s long-term growth strategy another turnaround will be in the making; positioning A15 to take the MENA digital world to new heights”.

It is worth mentioning that A15 is a “Glocal” company, connecting the world and linking between global brands to expand in our local markets and for the local products to launch in global and regional markets. Moreover, the company is considered the largest entrepreneur for technological businesses in the region as it has an established and efficient eco-system of success; a young team, new innovative ideas and an integral system of highly efficient developers and partners.

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