Etisalat commercial banned over ‘inciting domestic violence’
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CAIRO: A TV commercial for the Etisalat mobile operating company has been banned over content “inciting violence against sons” by portraying a father slapping his son, said a Sunday statement by Egypt’s Consumer Protection Authority (CPA.)

The commercial “violates personal dignity and entrenches false pedagogical principles,” CPA chairperson Atef Yaquob was quoted in the statement.

The advert showed a young man asking his father on a sickbed of the unused sim-card to make use of the company’s promotion “The Sim-Card should return” to reuse old sim-cards. “Dad, do you remember us flying pigeons on the roof… that day you were in a bright white Jalabiya and I put a sim-card in your pocket… remember… where is it?” the young man asked his father, who slapped him afterwards.

Video of banned commercial by Etisalat

Yaquob added that the CPA received many complaints against this ad, which has proved to be “violating standards of commercials stipulated in 2005 in terms of consumer’s right in personal dignity, respect to religious customs, traditions and values, and inciting physical violence and hatred, violating rights of children and encouraging parents to assault their sons by beating.”

Etisalat was informed of the ban decision, and responded by notifying satellite channels to stop broadcasting the commercial.

In June, the CPA banned a TV advert about Fox Chips over similar complaint it is “inciting violence against children.”

The commercial showed a young man telling his father he predicts the future when he eats Fox Chips. The father then slapped his son, asking if he had predicted the move.


Video of banned commercial about Fox Chips

During the first quarter of the year 2015, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM) spotted 1023 cases of violence against children aging (between one year to 18 years.) The NCCM report recorded 70 cases of violence perpetrated by family, 69 by fathers, 54 by mothers, 9 by stepmothers and 8 by stepfathers.

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