Jordan arrests 3 caught on video assaulting Egyptian national
Egyptian employee in Jordan

CAIRO: Three Jordanians have been arrested and referred to investigation in Aqaba city in Jordan over assaulting an Egyptian employee in an incident that was caught on camera and triggered wide anger on social media, MENA reported Monday.

The three are brothers of Jordanian Parliamentarian Zeid el-Shawabka, who appeared in the viral video slapping and punching Egyptian national Khaled el-Sayed, who is working at a restaurant in the city.

Video of the assault

In a Sunday phone call with Sada el-Balad TV Channel, Sayed said that the altercation occurred Thursday with the parliamentarian’s brother, who appeared in the video in a white shirt first attacking Sayed. The reason for the assault appears to be a delayed order.

A man in a black suit, believed to be the parliamentarian Shawabka, appeared scolding Sayed in the beginning of the video telling him “you are strange here [in this country] you have to be polite.” Sayed explained to the parliamentarian that he did not do anything wrong.

Sayed said that the parliamentarian brother, “insulted Egyptians,” adding that “one of [the attackers] threw me on the floor, and started kicking me.”

When TV host Ahmed Moussa asked Sayed why his friends did not interfere, he said “they were shocked and afraid for their source of living.”

Sayed’s lawyer Noor el-Hadid said that she motioned an official complaint regarding the attack accusing the perpetrators of charges of libel, slander and intimidation.

In response to the video, the Jordanian government stated that it “respects all Arabs living on its land.”

Also, Jordanian people’s reactions to the video have reiterated their Egyptian counterparts’ resentment. “The Jordanians are standing by me and condemned the assault,” Sayed said.

He also added that the Egyptian consulate in Jordan has been following up on the incident with him. The Egyptian “rapid interference was due to the availability of the evidence which is the video that went viral on the internet,” the spokesperson for the Egyptian Cabinet Ahmed Abu Zaid said to Dream TV Sunday.

“What is the problem if an order was served late? Does this give [them] the right to insult a person that way?” Sayed’s brother, Hisham, said in a phone call with Dream TV, condemning what happened to his brother as “harming Egyptians’ dignity, not only Sayed’s.”

Another video for the assault 

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