Bahrain grants $2M to Egypt’s Zakat House
Al-Azhar Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb - YOUM7

CAIRO: Egypt’s House of Zakat received a 16 million EGP ($2.04 million) grant from Bahrain to establish two Azhraian institutions and two dispensaries, according to the Secretary-General of the House of Zakat Nasser Fouad, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

Fouad told Youm7 that the first institution and dispensary are to be established in the city of Mahalla in Gharbia governorate on a 3,000-meter donated piece of land, while the second institution and dispensary are to be built in Sohag governorate in Upper Egypt.

The House of Zakat was established per a presidential decree in September 2014, to be supervised by Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb, while to be financially and administratively independent.

A board of trustees composed of public figures with expertise in religious studies, economy, finance, business management, law and other relevant fields are tasked with running the house.

Zakat, meaning charity, is the third pillar of the Islamic faith; Muslims are obliged to donate 2.5 percent of any form of their yearly wealth.

Muslims can donate their yearly zakat to one or more of eight categories: the poor, the needy, workers, new converts, freeing slaves, debtors, in the cause of God and wayfarers.

Additional reporting by Hanan Fayed

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