Egyptian agrees to reconciliation over assault in Jordan
Egyptian national Khaled el-Sayed - YOUM7

CAIRO: Egyptian national Khaled el-Sayed agreed to reconcile with a Jordanian Parliamentarian and his brothers who assaulted him in an incident caught on a video, which stirred wide anger among social media users in both Egypt and Jordan, MENA reported Thursday.

A preparatory reconciliation session was hosted Thursday at the office of the governor of Jordan’s city of Aqaba Fawaz Arshedat.

A video surfaced on social media at the beginning of this week, in which the brothers of Parliamentarian Zeid el-Shawabka appeared slapping and punching Sayed, who was working at a restaurant in the city over a delayed order.

Video of assault

In a Sunday phone call with Sada el-Balad TV Channel, Sayed said that one of the parliamentarian brothers “insulted Egyptians.” He has filed a lawsuit against the parliamentarian and his brothers, who were reportedly arrested and investigated afterwards.

Sayed said that he “was not subjected to any pressures,” to agree on the reconciliation, but he and that but he agreed to the reconciliation out of his “great compassion” to Jordanians who supported him, MENA quoted Egyptian Consul in Aqaba, Riyad Ahmed.

The conditions of the reconciliation memorandum, which will be signed this night, include: a pledge by the parliamentarian Shawabka to respect Sayed who is living in Jordan, publishing an apology in three daily Jordanian newspapers to Sayed, then to Egyptians living in Jordan and last to all Egyptians in general.

Sayed said that he has been living in Jordan for 11 years, during which he has “never been subjected to any annoyances.”

The Jordanian government has stated that it “respects all Arabs living on its land,” in response to the assault video.

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