Digital face scanning to monitor Egyptian students’ attendance 
Telecommunications Minister Yasser el-Qady

CAIRO: A digital face scanning system, invented by the Ministry of Telecommunications, will be adopted at schools to monitor students’ attendance, Telecommunications Minister Yasser el-Qady told a number of talk shows.

The Ministry of Education announced Thursday that high school students would start signing in electronically on Sunday per a decision to apply an e-attendance system at schools.

A number of students in high schools (known in Arabic as Thanaweya Amma) have protested the decision, and complained it would oblige them to attend schools, thereby reducing the time of their study per day in a school year considered decisive in determining their future college.

Many high school students skip school to find more time to study and attend private classes, which they prefer over school classes in terms of “quality of teaching.” Missing classes in Thanaweya Amma year has become the norm in a number of schools, amid a lack of clear regulations concerning attendance.

A recent decision by the Ministry of Education allocated 10-point grade for attendance and attitude at class. Accordingly, attendance points will be counted along with the students’ total scores.

Many students demonstrated last week over possible deduction of their scores over missing classes. Also, the decision determines that students who miss over 15 percent of the classes will face suspension.

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