Egypt decries Israeli ‘excessive violence’ against Palestinians
An Israeli border policeman fires tear gas towards Palestinian protesters during clashes at a checkpoint between Shuafat refugee camp and Jerusalem October 9, 2015. In the past 10 days, four Israelis have been shot or stabbed to death in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, and at least a dozen have been wounded by Palestinians wielding knives or screwdrivers in stabbings in Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities. Several Palestinians have also been killed, and scores wounded in clashes with Israeli security forces during stone-throwing demonstrations in East Jerusalem and across the West Bank, leading to talk of a third Palestinian uprising, or intifada. REUTERS/Ammar Awad

CAIRO: Egypt slammed the latest Israeli violations and use of “excessive” violence against the Palestinians of Gaza strip, said Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid in a Saturday statement.

Egypt has called on Israel as the occupying power to provide Palestinian people the required protection and stop repeating its attacks that lead more political congestion among the Palestinians and weaken the opportunities of reviving the installed peace talks between Palestinians and Israel, Abu Zeid added.

Israeli forces opened fire with live and rubber ammunitions against a number of protesting Palestinians in Gaza Strip in support of the Palestinians of the West Bank, killing six Palestinians and injured dozens more.

The death toll of the Palestinians reached 10 people Saturday and around 200 others were injured, according to a statement from the Palestinian Ministry of Health Saturday. At least 17 people have been killed since Oct. 1.

The latest wave of confrontations followed Israeli forces and settlers’ violations to the Nobel Sanctuary and mutual stabbing attacks between both sides. In Aug. 31, PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat accused Israel of trying, via its repeated violations, to divide the Nobel Sanctuary into two parts: one for Jews and the other for Muslims.

Four Palestinian movements issued a joint statement Friday, announcing the launch of third Intifada (uprising) against the Israeli occupier. The movement, which Fatah has denied joining, called all armed groups to go in the streets to support “those who fight with stones and knives” against the Israeli forces.

Meanwhile, Palestinians in the West Bank went into a work strike, protesting the latest Israeli attacks, said the Palestinian News Agency WAFA.

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