Egyptian expats can vote without prior registration: FM Aide
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CAIRO: Eligible Egyptian expatriates can vote in the coming parliament elections next week without prior registration, said Foreign Minister Aide for Expats’ Affairs Helmy Louza in a news conference at the Cairo-based Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sunday.

A total of 139 Egyptian embassies and consulates worldwide will be hosting the expats’ voting process in the parliamentary elections, set to be held Oct. 17-18, he added in the conference joined by the head of the High Elections Commission (HEC) Ayman Abbas.

The expats should have ID numbers or passports to cast their votes in 139 stations, and the process will be monitored by six international organizations and civil society representatives, including The Arab League and the European Union Parliament and Arab African Union, COMESA and a number of foreign embassies in Cairo.

The elections have been canceled in four countries suffer security turmoil, namely, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Central Africa.

Egypt has closed their diplomatic offices in the aforementioned countries due to the security and political turmoil; Yemen has witnessed since January an armed conflict between the Saudi Arabia-backed government army forces and Iran-backed Houthis.

On January 2014, Egypt evacuated its diplomatic staff from Libya after five diplomats were kidnapped in Tripoli.

Former President Mohamed Morsi announced in June 2013 a severance of diplomatic relations with Syria; since then the relations have not resumed. Central Africa has suffered from sectarian violence that led postponing its national elections.

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