Foreign Ministry follows up on assault of Egyptian in Kuwait
Egyptian national Khaled el-Sayed with signs of attack appears on his face

CAIRO: The Foreign Ministry is following up on investigations into an assault against an Egyptian national in Kuwait, according to the spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zaid’s statements to TEN TV Channel Sunday.

Mohamed Salah, an Egyptian national working as a pastry delivery man in Kuwait, appeared in a video with his right eye bruised and head bandaged, where he described how he was assaulted while delivering an order to a home.

In the video, Salah explained that on his arrival at the home address, he phoned the ordering woman to inquire about the residence, but a man took the phone, insulted him, and told him “I will go down to show you where she is.”

“He went down, pulled me out from the [delivering] car, tore my clothes, and beat me on the ground with a stick,” said Salah, adding he then fainted.

He continued that assaulting man changed the car’s gear, leaving the car to hit other cars in the street.

“I then phoned the restaurant that I work for, and asked them to call the ambulance,” said Salah.

The video, apparently captured by a person with Gulf Arabic dialect who was asking Salah about the assault, was sent to Youm7 via email, and was published on the website on Friday.

According to the spokesperson Abu Zaid’s statements, Salah contacted the Egyptian consulate in Kuwait, which assigned a lawyer to defend him.

“Investigations into the case is ongoing and the consulate is closely following up on the case,” Abu Zaid said.

Last week, another video surfaced for Khaled el-Sayed, an Egyptian employee working at a restaurant in Jordan. The video captured the moment he was being assaulted by the brothers of a Jordanian parliamentarian over “delayed order.”

The assault stirred wide anger among social media users in Egypt and Jordan, and raised the working conditions of Egyptians abroad.

A reconciliation memorandum has been reportedly signed between Sayed and the assaulting Jordanians; however, it was said that the Jordanian side violated the terms of the memorandum by not apologizing properly in newspapers.

A Jordanian court started considering the case filed by Sayed against the parliamentarian and his brothers Sunday, Youm7 quoted the Egyptian Minister of Manpower Gamal Sorour.


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