3000 Egyptian pilgrims expected to arrive in 2 days

CAIRO: Egypt Air Company continues to operate flights carrying Egyptian pilgrims back from Saudi Arabia after they performed the Islamic pilgrimage “Hajj,” Youm7 reported Monday.

The company is scheduled to operate some 13 flights carrying some 3,000 pilgrims on Monday and Tuesday.

Some 63,000 Egyptians have performed Hajj this year; one of Islam’s five pillars; it is a once in a lifetime obligation on Muslims who can bear the ritual physically and financially.

On Oct.8, Minister of Civil Aviation Hossam Kamal announced that some 58,000 pilgrims have returned from the Kingdom.

The air bridge operating pilgrims’ returning to Egypt is scheduled to complete its operation by Oct.15.

Some 53 Egyptian pilgrims are still missing, according to Endowment Minister Mokhtar Gomaa, who announced Monday that the death toll of Egyptians who were killed in Mecca’s Mina stampede rose to 181.

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