Egypt, Russia reach final talks on construction of Dabaa nuclear plant
Sisi welcomes Putin

CAIRO: Russia’ state-owned Rosatom has reached  final stages of negotiating the construction of Egypt’s Dabaa nuclear power plant contract, Reuters reported Rosatom vice-president Anton Moskvin Wednesday.

Speaking on a visit to the United Arab Emirates, Moskvin said construction of the plant, Egypt’s first, at Dabaa in Egypt’s north would finish by 2022 if a contract were signed by the end of 2015, adding that the contract would involve a loan from Russia to Egypt.

The plant’s construction is to be accomplished in two phases; Russia will build four reactors, while the other four reactors will be offered for an international tender. Each reactor will produce 1,200 Megawatt of electricity.  The construction works are scheduled to start in mid-2016.

In February, Sisi and Putin announced reaching agreements on building the plant and establishing a Russian-Egyptian free trade zone.

The Dabaa plant will have four reactors when complete by 2022. Rosatom is currently the only firm in negotiation with Egypt over the project.”

In 1981, Egypt allocated the Dabaa area in the Mediterranean governorate of Matrouh, 183.9 miles to the northwest of Cairo, to build its first nuclear plant of 55 square kilometers.

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