Investigation ordered into actresses, channel owner for ‘debauchery’
Egyptian Comic actress Entissar - YOUM7

CAIRO: Actresses Entissar and Heidi Karam and owner of al-Kahera wal Nas channel Tarek Nour have been ordered to be investigated for “spreading immorality and debauchery.”

Attorney-General Nabil Sadeq accepted three reports filed against Entissar and ordered South Cairo Prosecution to investigate.

Entissar and Heidi defended people’s freedom to watch porn on a show on al-Kahera wal Nas; Etnissar said it helps people learn about sex and to “stay cool” until they get married.

Two belly dancers were sentenced Oct. 4 to three months in prison on charges of “spreading debauchery.”

In Egypt, Muslim and Christian men and women alike are expected to remain abstinent until they get married.

Egypt has banned pornographic websites a number of times; the most recent ruling banning porn was in May, as the Administrative Court ordered the Cabinet to block access to such websites.


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