3 of 99 school bus drivers positive for drugs in Greater Cairo
Egyptian security forces - YOUM7

CAIRO: Three out of 99 school bus drivers tested positive for drugs: one in Cairo, one in Giza and one in Qalyubia, head of the Central Security Administration at the Education Ministry Amr al-Desouki said Wednesday.

The tested drivers worked for six schools only. Dozens of other school bus drivers tested positive in simultaneous campaigns by the Education Ministry and the Ministry of Solidarity.

Twelve school bus drivers tested positive for hashish and Tramadol in two days of the Education Ministry’s campaigns. In one day, eight of 83 drivers tested positive in Greater Cairo.

In one week of the Solidarity Ministry’s campaign, 27 out of 286 drivers tested positive.

A 2014 crash in which 11 students burned to death is believed to have triggered the government’s attention to monitor the road after the crash involved a truck driver who tested positive for hashish. The government’s escalation aims to reduce road accidents caused by driving under the influence (DUI.)

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