2K Palestinians cross the Rafah Border to Gaza
Rafah border

CAIRO: Around 2000 Palestinians have crossed the Rafah Border to the Gaza Strip since the border opened Thursday until it closed early Friday, Youm7 quoted an official source at the crossing Friday.

Travelers have been crossing the border in one direction during 20 consecutive hours. An ambulance vehicle and shipments of cement also crossed into the strip.

The Palestinian embassy expressed “sincere thanks to the Egyptian leadership and concerned bodies for earnest efforts to alleviate the suffering of our people in Gaza Strip.”

Tight security measures were taken at the border to secure the international road that the travelers use to reach the border gate.

The crossing has largely been closed since the 2013 ouster of President Mohamed Morsi amid Egyptian disagreements with Hamas and tense security situation in North Sinai. But the border was opened occasionally to allow humanitarian cases and students in and out the strip.

Over the past few weeks, the border was opened to allow pilgrims to cross in both directions after the annual season of Islamic Hajj ended last month. A total of 2340 Palestinian pilgrims crossed back into the strip over two days, after which the crossing was closed on Oct. 8.



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