Saudi Arabia warns citizens against financial dealings with Egyptians
Saudi King Salman - REUTERS

CAIRO: The Saudi Foreign Ministry has warned its citizens against any financial dealings with Egyptian nationals without coordinating with the saudi diplomatic staff in Cairo, following the recent murder of a Saudi woman and her daughter, Kuwaiti newspaper AlRai reported Saturday.

The Saudi embassy in Cairo Facebook page posted Tuesday a warning against financial dealing with Egyptian nationals pointing out the necessity of getting permission from the embassy.

Last week, a Saudi woman and her Kuwaiti daughter were found dead and thrown into a well in Upper Egypt’s Samalout city of Minya, announced the Egyptian Ministry of Interior in a statement Saturday.

The two victims had been abducted by an Egyptian man, a farm owner, who convinced them to visit Cairo ostensibly to buy an apartment, the Ministry added, noting that the culprit killed them and duped their bodies into a 20-meter well.

Saudi newspaper Okaz said Thursday that a Saudi girl was reported missing in Cairo streets several days ago, noting that the Egyptian security forces is still searching for her.

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