HEC lists ‘crimes’ voters should avoid while casting ballot
Egyptian election - YOUM7

CAIRO: As the parliament elections are set to kick off in Egypt Sunday, the High Elections Committee (HEC,) the body regulating elections’ affairs, published a booklet containing guiding rules and warnings against violations during the polling process.

HEC listed a number of “crimes” voters should avoid while casting their ballots; it designed a slogan “Follow your conscience…to decide your fate,” Youm7 reported Saturday.

Violators are vulnerable to face criminal trials had they committed any of the following crimes:

  • Stealing, hiding or damaging voting cards (ballots)
  • Printing or circulating voting ballots via any medium without permission
  • Voting more than one time
  • Voting although non-eligible
  • Insulting, threatening or using violence with head of polling stations
  • Using any means of intimidation to affect the electoral process
  • Damaging or destroying buildings, facilities or means of transport used in the elections, with the intention to impede the process
  • Using force, intimidation or bribing a person to not vote, or vote for specific candidates
  • Publishing or broadcasting false news about elections or any of the candidates
  • Posing as another person while casting the ballot
  • Stealing, damaging or tampering with the box which contains the voting ballots



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