IED outside Fayoum polling station dismantled; no casualities
Bomb expert examines a suspicious object- archive

CAIRO: Fayoum civil protection forces dismantled an explosive device thrown by unknown men outside a school that hosts four polling stations, Youm7 reported Sunday.

Sunday is the first day of parliamentary elections in Egypt, in which some 27 million voters are eligible to cast their ballots in the first phase in 14 governorates.

The incident was reported by forces securing El-Qahafa Primary School in Fayoum city, southwest of Cairo, after they found a strange body near the school’s fence.

Being notified, civil protection forces and bomb squad experts headed to the site and managed to dismantle the bomb without reported causalities.

The security authorities have previously announced heavy plans to secure polling stations by deploying police and army forces in the vicinity. Ambulance vehicles have been deployed as well nearby stations.

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