Scuffles break out in front of Giza polling center after delayed opening
Citizens vote on 2nd day of parliamentary elections - YOUM7

CAIRO: Scuffles broke out in a Giza polling station hosted in an elementary school that failed to open on time, as those on their way to work were aggravated that they may be late if they stayed to cast their ballot, Youm7 reported.

Giza voters are choosing between 500 candidates for 37 seats in the upcoming parliament.

Other polling stations have faced issues during the first phase taking place in half of Egypt’s governorates Sunday and Monday; some 46 polling stations in Minya were merged into nearby stations due to judges’ tardiness, the High Elections Committee (HEC) branch in the Upper Egyptian governorate stated Sunday.

Twelve of the parliamentary polling stations are in Abu Qorqas, 10 in Samalout, nine in Mallawi, nine in Edwa, four in central Minya, and two in Matay.

After the judges, who are usually deployed from other governorates, failed to appear on time, Ziyada said the possibility of extending the work of the merged polling stations will be determined by the HEC.

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