Surprise drug-tests to take place at Helwan Uni student housing city
Helwan University - YOUM7

CAIRO: Helwan University will apply random drug-test to on campus housing students after reported incidents of drug and alcohol abusing inside the university, Youm7 reported Monday.

During the first two days of study in the academic year, administrative forces at Helwan University arrested three students climbing the university fence after being banned entry from gates without IDs. Amounts of narcotics were found in their possession.

There were also reports on students found drinking alcohol inside the campus.

“The drug tests on students will be implemented as a surprise, to find out the students who abuse drugs and alcohol,” President of Helwan University Yasser Sakr told Youm7.

Anyone who is arrested possessing drugs or alcohol will be referred to police after filing a police report about the incident, Sakr added.

He said that the punishment for climbing up the university fence can measure up to suspension. Sakr also noted that the University board of directors have not decided yet on implementing the random tests on students and staff as well.

Both Cairo and Alexandria universities have announced applying drug-tests as conditions to accept students’ residence in on-campus housings.

A wide screening campaign, launched by the government last year, is taking place randomly to drivers in order to reduce road accidents caused by driving under the influence (DUI.)

For this reason, the government heightened penalties imposed to drivers caught driving under the influence (DUI,) to reach three years in prison if the driver caused causalities.

Private school bus drivers in Cairo, Giza and Qalubiya are also facing the same tests; with 66 out of 700 drivers have tested positive so far.

The campaign, which is applied for the second year in a row, targets a total of 4000 drivers at 600 schools.

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