Traffic fatalities remain ‘too high’ despite progress: WHO
A bus Accident - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: An estimated 1.25 million people are killed annually in road crashes, the World Health Organization announced in its Global status report on road safety 201, launched Sunday in Geneva.

 “Road traffic fatalities take an unacceptable toll – particularly on poor people in poor countries,” says Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO.

Low and middle income countries host the lion’s share of fatal crashes; 90 percent of deaths occur there despite these countries having only 54 percent of the planet’s vehicles.

The key to reducing these fatalities is improved legislation and enforcement, the report added.

Around 62.9 percent of Egypt’s injury-related deaths are due to traffic crashes, according to a previous survey by Egypt and WHO. In 2009, Egypt ranked among countries with highest mortality rates in the Global Status report on road safetyin 178 countries.

In 2012, WHO’s report said that around 12,000 Egyptians lose their lives due to road traffic accidents.

Egypt is one of 10 countries included in the Road Safety Project 2011-2020, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO,) which aims to reduce the level of road traffic fatalities around the world by 50 percent.

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