30,531 Egyptians voted abroad, mostly to ‘For the Love of Egypt’: HEC
Man casts his vote on 2nd day of parliamentary elections - YOUM7

CAIRO: A total of 30,531 Egyptians in 139 foreign countries voted in the parliamentary elections with 20,777 of the votes going to For the Love of Egypt list, head of the High Elections Commission (HEC) Ayman Abbas said in a Tuesday press conference.

Egypt’s call list yielded 3,760 votes, while the Egyptian Front and Independence Stream Coalition garnered 3,036 votes, Nour Party list had 523 votes and Egypt Knights list received 126 votes. The Void votes stood at 1,856.

The vast majority of Egyptians abroad who voted in the parliamentary elections reside in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, according to figures by the Foreign Ministry.

Egyptian abroad will vote in the second phase of the elections on Nov. 21.

Eligible expatriates are more than 680,000, according to previously announced figures for previous presidential and parliamentary elections. According to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry’s statistics, there are more than 8 million Egyptian expatriates abroad.

The highest turnout of the Egyptian voters abroad stood at more than 600,000 in the 2012 presidential election. During the 2014 presidential elections, the number of expatriates’ votes registered 318,000 persons.

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