2 spotted hyenas born in Giza Zoo
A Proud Mother Hyena Next To Her Brood- Photo From The Giza Zoo Facebook Page

CAIRO: Two baby spotted hyenas were born in Giza Zoo, which announced it hosts a “beautiful group of hyenas,” Youm7 reported Wednesday.

According to Giza Zoo, spotted hyenas live together in large groups to hunt their prey, and are led by females. Females give birth to 1-2 babies per year after a 110-day pregnancy period.

Hyenas, one of Africa’s iconic predatory mammals, live in center and south of the continent. Hyenas are also important for the environment; while they are scavengers and eat carrion, although they are skilled hunters.

Spotted Hyenas are also known for their sound, including the “laughing” sound.

They are situated next to the African elephant cage at the Giza Zoo.

In September, the Giza Zoo welcomed a newborn rare dorcas gazelle, which is one of the most desert-adapted of all gazelles.

In August, yellow-headed Amazon baby parrots were born in Giza Zoo as part of a captive breeding plan that aims to maintain species of endangered birds and animals.

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