Court cancels 23K votes earned by disqualified candidate in Alexandria
Egyptian woman casts her vote in 2015 Parliamentary elections. Youm7 archive.

CAIRO: The Administrative Judicial Court has cancelled the final voting results in the parliamentary elections carried out in El-Raml constituency in Alexandria after the ballots involved the name of an excluded candidate, Youm7 reported Thursday.

The court ordered a re-vote in the constituency within 60 days.

A total of 17 appeals were submitted to the court from candidates who complained about the exclusion of 23,000 votes that the court considered void due to the mistake of adding the name of Aly Elba; a candidate who had been disqualified before the elections over “bad reputation.”

In the parliament elections, voters have to sign two ballots: one for the electoral lists and the other for the individual candidates, in which they have to mark two candidates. The presence of a wrong name in the ballot had cost a waste of votes for other eligible candidates, according to the complaints.

None of the eight individual candidates in the Raml constituency was secured in the first round, and they are all expected to be in the run-off competing on four seats, according to the High Elections Committee (HEC.)

Raml was not the first constituency to include names of non eligible candidates in the voting ballots; a jailed parliamentary candidate won some 18,472 votes in Damanhur. The candidacy Mabrouk Zeatar, however, was approved by the Administrative court, even though he is jailed pending a retrial.

A similar incident occurring in Upper Egypt’s Minya; a candidate who died two weeks before the elections garnered 386 votes in a polling station.

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