10 ‘terrorists’ killed in security forces raid in North Sinai: Military
Military forces in North Sinai - Youm7

CAIRO: Twenty armed “terrorists” were killed, 12 were injured and 78 suspects were arrested in military and police raids in North Sinai, according to a Thursday military statement.

Six SUVs, one of which was armored, and four other vehicles loaded with explosives were destroyed in the process, and 51 explosive devices planted on the routes of the forces were detonated by the military, according to the statement.

Eight storehouses were also destroyed; they contained solar energy panels, 4,000 liters of gas, 3,000 liters of diesel, three tons of cannabis and other amounts explosives and weapons.

Four wells that belong to alleged extremist groups, 20 trenches, and a filed used to train militants were also destroyed.

Checkpoints installed by military and police continue to “tighten the noose on takfiri elements and prevent them from infiltrating out of the areas of anti-terrorist operations in North Sinai,” the statement read.

On Wednesday, 10 police conscripts were injured in a bomb attack in Arish, North Sinai.

Two policemen were killed in Arish after a car bomb detonated Saturday when a convoy of police passed near it. On Oct. 15, a police recruit and a civilian were killed and six policemen were injured in a roadside bomb attack in the same city.

As recent as Sept. 27, the military announced that the first phase of the Right of the Martyr operation was finalized in the northeastern part of North Sinai, including Sheikh Zuwayed, Rafah, and Arish.

The main phase of the operation was carried out in 16 days, killing 535 “terrorists,” arresting 634 wanted persons, dismantling 478 bombs, and destroying 613 “terrorist hubs,” 111 armed vehicles, 250 motorcycles and 38 explosive storehouses, the military stated.

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