Court bans anti-protest law movement Bedaya
Because silence is no longer an option - Bedaya logo

CAIRO: Cairo Court for Urgent Matters banned anti-protest law movement Bedaya Thursday and ruled that its properties be confiscated, Youm7 reported.

A lawyer named Ashraf Farahat had filed the lawsuit against Bedaya because it is a part of “the biggest conspiracy in history against Egypt.”

The targets of the group include “restructuring the Interior Ministry and releasing jailed terrorists,” Farahat noted in the lawsuit. He also claimed that Bedaya is a cover for April 6 Youth Movement to “spread chaos in the country.”

April 6 was banned by the same court in April 2014.

The lawyer filed another lawsuit against cofounder of Bedaya Mahmoud al-Saqqa on grounds that he incites against judges and the police.

Additional reporting by Karim Sobhy

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