50 kilos of cow brains confiscated from Sudanese passenger at Cairo Airport
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CAIRO: Fifty kilos of cow brains were confiscated from a Sudanese passenger at Cairo Airport Friday; the visitor was allowed entry but the brains were disposed of, Youm7 reported.

The passenger, who arrived from Khartoum, failed to produce any documents to prove that the brains were safe for human consumption.

On Monday, Cairo Airport disposed of 200 kilograms of cow brains that were being transported by six Sudanese passengers, reportedly to sell the brains to butchers and restaurants in Egypt.

Cow brains is a popular meal in Egypt; restaurants that offer the meal also offer cow tail, tongue, eyes, testicles, heart, liver, stomach, intestines, and lungs.

Sudanese meat and offal is cheaper than Egyptian supplies.

Cairo Airport has repeatedly requested airlines, especially those that operate in Africa, not to allow such products to travel with passengers, official sources at the airport told Youm7.

Meat is only imported according to certain standards and conditions in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture, the sources said.

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