232 people arrested in Damietta over attempted illegal immigration
Migrants - AFP

CAIRO: Damietta border guards arrested 232 unregistered migrants of different nationalities before illegally leaving the country in a fishing boat, Youm7 reported Saturday.

The arrested include 94 Egyptians, two Somalis, two Iraqis, three Congolese, three Ethiopians, one from Chad, one from South Sudan, 50 from Sudan and 76 Comorians.

The guards also arrested six of the boat crew who are from the Delta’s governorate of Kafr el-Sheikh. They revealed during investigations that they gathered the migrants and were planning for their illegal travel outside the country.

The Egyptian authorities routinely foil the attempts of unregistered migrants from Egypt, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, Syria and Iraq to either enter the country or migrate illegally to Europe.

Eleven Somalis and 10 Ethiopians were arrested Friday in a train arriving in Luxor, southern Egypt, for having entered the country illegally.

Two days ago, a boat smuggling 560 Egyptian children had arrived at Italian coasts; most of the children are less than 11 years old.

Egyptian Minister of Justice Ahmed el-Zend announced Friday that Egypt will found a court specialized in human trafficking and illegal immigration.


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