Unstable weather in Egypt for 72 hours; Cairo sees 25°C
Heavy rain hits Alexandria - YOUM7

CAIRO: Meteorological experts predicted unstable weather with heavy rains and a drop in temperature across Egypt Sunday, Youm7 reported.

Some parts of Cairo saw light showers in the early morning.

Egypt’s Meteorological Authority (EMA) warned Saturday of a temporary change in weather that will last for 72 hours across the country. According to EMA, temperature will drop between 8 to 10 degrees.

The authority also expected an active wind in most parts, urging citizens to wear heavy clothes when they are outdoors.

Cairo records Sunday 25 °C during the day and 22 °C at night.

Hail was reported along with heavy rains in Alexandria.


Video published on Youm7 for the heavy rain in Alexandria


Fishing has been banned in several cities and villages in the delta governorate of Kafr el-Sheikh, due to the weather.

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