18 Egyptians, 5 Syrians, their families to be deported from Kuwait for fighting
Some of the deportees in a picture distributed by Kuwait's police - Al-Anba newspaper

CAIRO: Eighteen Egyptians and five Syrians, as well as their families, were ordered to be deported by the police from Kuwait after engaging in a fight, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa reported Monday.

A fight erupted between the 18 men inside a store in Shweikh area in the Kuwaiti capital, Al-Anba quoted a security source.

While Al-Anba only reported that the expats beat each other and did not mention a Kuwaiti involved, AFP reported that they are accused of allegedly beating a Kuwaiti citizen.

The expatriate workers will be deported without a trial, as Kuwait’s Interior Ministry is legally entitled to deport foreigners without a court order.

On Oct. 25, a video circulated on social media of the said fight, where a group of men, heard yelling in an Egyptian accent, were filmed carrying sticks and chasing another man.

An Egyptian, Amr al-Leithy, sent a video of the fight to Youm7, claiming that the cars of an Egyptian and a Kuwaiti crashed in Shweikh, prompting the Kuwaiti citizen to send Syrian workers to fight with the Egyptian expatriate.

Leithy continued to say that Egyptians, who are many in the area, hit the Syrian workers and pushed them away.

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have deported thousands of foreign workers in recent months, as many workers overstay their visa in hopes to find a new job.

The majority of people residing in Kuwait are foreign, as it is home to 1.3 million natives and 2.9 million foreigners. There is also a population of 93,000-180,000 “bedoo”ns, a status of stateless people in the country.

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