Transgressions on 92 feddans during 2-day parliament run-off: Report
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CAIRO: An official report by Ministry of Agriculture cited 1,800 cases of land transgressions during the parliament elections’ run-off phase, Youm7 reported Thursday.

The total area of violations on agricultural lands during the voting process, which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, is estimated at 92 feddans. The report said that violations on 18 feddans of them were removed so far.

The transgressions, including construction and dredging works, happened while security forces were securing polling stations in 14 governorates during the first round of the elections, said the report, which was released by the Central Administration for Land Protection at the ministry.

Since the January 25 Revolution in 2011, as estimated 62,000 feddans of arable land have been illegally constructed on; security agencies managed to clear 14,272 feddans of them (18 percent,) according to the report.

The number of violators during this period reached 1.4 million.

“The continuation of the series of infringements had contributed to high levels of deforestation in the country, low crop productivity, low crop quality, high levels of water pollution,” official sources at the ministry told Youm7.

The sources said that such infringements cost the state a loss of around 4,000 feddans of arable land each month.

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