Egyptian expat vote turnout reaches 2.9 percent: HEC
Egyptian woman casts her vote in 2015 Parliamentary elections. Youm7 archive.

CAIRO: As many as 19,835 Egyptian expatriates participated in the run-off votes of the first phase of parliamentary elections, the High Elections Committee (HEC) head Ayman Abbas said in a news conference Thursday.

According to Egypt State Information Service (SIS,) there are more than 680,000 expatriates eligible to vote in the ballot; this brings the turnout rate to 2.9 percent. The number of Egyptians living abroad is estimated at 8 million.

“Egyptian expats in Kuwait had the highest participation rate with 10,321 voters representing 52 percent of the total number of voters abroad,” Abbas said.

The total number of Egyptian expatriates who voted in the first phase of the parliament elections last week was 30,531 in 139 embassies and consulates across the world, head of HEC Ayman Abbas said last week.

The turnout for the first round held last week in 14 of Egypt’s 27 governorates was 26.6 percent.

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