Azhar University suspends 3 students for lighting fireworks on campus
Clashes between Students and Security Forces - YOUM7/Ahmed Ramadan (Archive)

CAIRO: Al-Azhar University has suspended three female students over accusations of lighting fireworks inside the campus, Youm7 reported Friday.

The three students will be banned to enter the university until investigations into their accusations are over, according to the decision.

During the academic year of 2013/2014, Al-Azhar University campus witnessed the most wide-scale protests that erupted at Egyptian Universities, with demands to reinstate ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

Students participating in the protests were suspended and, in some cases, arrested over “inciting violence” that resulted in casualties.

In 2014, a presidential decree was issued to re-organize the bodies of the Al-Azhar Institute “to “protect the university community from violence and destruction, and achieve stability to education process.”

Per the decree, heads of universities are granted the right to suspend any student who commits any of the following violations:

  • Practicing sabotage acts endangering the educational process or university installations or exposing either of them to risk.
  • Bringing weapons, ammunition, explosives or any tools used in rioting or vandalism into the university campus.
  • Disrupting study or preventing exams to be held.
  • Inciting students to violence or use of force.

On Monday, a Cairo court upheld a ruling to suspend 10 Azhar students over insulting the army, and obliged all universities’ presidents to reiterate the decision with “anyone who insults the Egyptian army,” considering the act as “incitement of violence.”

Additional reporting by Loay Ali

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