Alexandria to see heavy showers again: EMA
Heavy rain hits Alexandria - YOUM7

CAIRO: The Mediterranean city of Alexandria is expected to see heavy rains from Sunday until Tuesday, said Egypt’s Meteorological Authority (EMA,) warning authorities to take measures to avoid flooding crises similar to that of last week.

EMA Spokesperson Waheed Seoudy urged, in TV statements, officials to fix sewages to prevent “another crisis in Alexandria.”

Alexandria, which has reportedly recovered from rainwater inundating streets a few days ago, will witness another shower that will begin Saturday on a lower scale and will increase on Sunday through Tuesday.

The continuous rainfall left pools of water in streets covering cars, trees and the corniche. Prime Minister Sherif Ismail admitted the government’s failure to handle the heavy rain fall. At least five were killed in incidents related to the weather.

Alexandria Governor Hani el-Messiry submitted his resignation Sunday to the Cabinet, after the flooding crisis, and another governor took over the position.

Seoudy also noted that rains are expected to be seen Friday in coastal areas and the eastern part of the country.

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