Egypt criticized over voting for Israel’s UN Space Committee membership
The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs logo. Courtsey of the UN.

CAIRO: Egypt came under fire after voting for a group of countries, including Israel, for the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Affairs ((UNOOSA) membership.

Social media users criticized Cairo for voting for Israel, creating a Twitter hashtag #مصر_تصوت_لصالح_اسراييل, Egypt votes for Israel with which most Egyptians refuse “normalization.”

Although Egypt as a nation has trade agreements with Israel allowing Israeli tourists to visit the country, and both countries maintain mutual embassies, most Egyptian citizens reject normalization with the Hebrew state.

Egyptian anonymous diplomats told Youm7 that Egypt voted for a six-state list which includes other Arab countries of United Arab of Emirates, Oman Sultanate, and Qatar.

Egypt and the Arab group of the General Assembly submitted a request for voting on each nominated country individually; however, the request was rejected by a U.S. lobby and the committee said the voting shall be via list system, the diplomats continued.

They added that nominated countries asked the Arab Group for not boycotting the voting; hence, Egypt voted ‘Yes” on the list that also included Salvador and Sir Lanka. A total of 117 countries voted for the list while Namibia was the only country that voted against Israel’s acceptance.

“Egypt’s commitment to support the candidate of the Arab countries is the main motive behind the vote in favor of the resolution,” Egyptian Foreign Minister Spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid tol Veto gate Saturday.

Additional reporting by Youssef Ayoub.

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