Reham Saeed to stand trial for defaming victim of violence
TV anchor Reham Saeed

CAIRO: Controversial TV anchor Reham Saeed is set to stand trial Nov. 25 before Giza Misdemeanor Court for defaming a victim of assault she interviewed Oct. 28, according to al-Bedaiah news website.

Somaia, the victim, accepted to be interview in Saeed’s show Sabaya el-Kheir to tell her side of the story of a CCTV video that shows a man slapping her in the face twice.

However, Saeed broadcast private pictures of Somaia after her interview, claiming she provoked the offender. The pictures included Somaia in a bikini, and another of her being carried by a man.

While Somaia says that staff in Saeed’s studio stole the pictures from her cell phone while being charged, Saeed claims that viewers sent her the pictures. Somaia says that the man was sexually approaching her before she responded to him, prompting him to hit her.

According to Somaia’s lawsuit, filed by lawyer Samir Sabry, Saeed moved away from professionalism and impartiality to achieve high veiwership. She accuses the anchor of blackmailing by threatening her on live TV, saying she has more pictures of Somaia that can scandalize her.

The lawsuit also involves privately-owned Al-Nahar channel, which suspended the show on Friday; Somaia has demanded “financial and moral compensation” in the lawsuit.

A massive online campaign has sprung up in response to Saeed, with hashtags dubbed “die Reham” and “try Reham.” The campaign called on companies to stop sponsoring the show or broadcast their advertisements during its air time.

One after another, different companies released statements denying any responsibility of the content of the show and announcing they would no longer advertise in the show.

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