53 drivers test positive for controlled substances
Egyptian security forces - YOUM7

CAIRO: Some 53 out of 679 school bus drivers tested positive for controlled substances in the second wave of tests, the Ministry of Social Solidarity announced Wednesday.

The ministry maintains a hotline, 08002200022, to receive complaints of those who suspect drivers of using illegal substances.

The random screening campaign kicked off Oct.4 and plans to test a total of 4,000 drivers at 600 schools during this academic year 2015/2016. Last year, 7 percent of 1,400 school bus drivers tested positive for drugs.

A 2014 crash in which 11 students burned to death is believed to have triggered the government’s attention to monitor the road after the crash involved a truck driver who tested positive for hashish. The government’s escalation aims to reduce road accidents caused by driving under the influence (DUI.)

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