Russia complains about lack of Egypt crash information from Britain
Russian foreign Minister Sergy Lavarov - AP/Alexender Zemelianichenko

MOSCOW: The Russian foreign ministry complained about Britain’s failure to hand over information about Saturday’s deadly plane crash in Egypt, after London said there was a significant possibility that Islamists had planted a bomb onboard.
“The British government has not given us any information about the plane crash,” Maria Zakharova, a foreign ministry spokeswoman, told reporters, according to the TASS news agency.

“If they have information and they are not presenting it that is shocking,” she added, saying it was surprising that the representative of a foreign government rather than experts were putting forward theories about the plane’s fate.

“The realisation that the British government has some kind of information that could shed light on what happened in the skies above Egypt is truly shocking,” RIA Novosti, another Russian agency, cited her as saying.

Zakharova was speaking after Britain said there was a significant possibility that Islamic State’s Egyptian affiliate was behind a suspected bomb attack on the airliner that killed 224 people. British Prime Minister David Cameron later said it was more likely than not that a bomb brought down the plane.

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