Sisi warns against jumping to conclusions on crashed Russian plane
Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi during his interview with BBC

CAIRO: President Abdel Fatah al Sisi emphasized the importance of “not jumping to conclusions” ahead of the results of the ongoing investigation to clarify the circumstances of the Russian plane crash, according to a presidential statement.

Sisi’s statement came in a news conference following his Thursday meeting with members of the House of Commons and House of Lords as well as a number of prominent political and intellectual figures in the sidelines of his 3-day visit to the UK.

“The results of the crashed Russian plane will be announced with transparency,” Sisi said, adding that a British security delegation visited the Sharm el-Sheikh airport 10 months ago, and “it expressed satisfaction with Egypt’s response to precautionary security measures that the delegation recommended to secure the airport.”

The UK suspended all flights to and from Sharm el-Sheikh in the wake of the crashed Russian plane.

In response to inquiries about ways of addressing the situation in the Middle East, President Sisi noted the importance of furthering efforts to reach a solution to the crises in the region and restore the concept of the nation state to protect people in confronting the threats posed by terrorism, according to the statement.



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