Sisi and Putin agree to resume flights “as soon as possible”
Sisi welcomes Putin

CAIRO: Flights between Russia and Egypt will resume as soon as possible Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi and Russian  President Vladimir Putin agreed in a phone call Friday, the Egyptian presidency stated.

Moscow announced earlier Friday that it had suspended flights between Egypt and Russia, in the wake of a crash in Sinai last Saturday that killed 224 persons.

Cairo has stated it is premature to declare the cause of the crash, however Western intelligence has suggested a bomb aboard the flight was responsible for the crash.

“The two leaders agreed to strengthen cooperation between the relevant security authorities in the two countries, and with a common understanding of providing Russian tourists with the highest levels of security.”

A number of British tourists remain stranded in southern Sinai after London also decided to suspend flights to and from the peninsula. Some flights resumed Friday, however the airlines refused to allow passengers to carry anything other than hand luggage. Many passengers refuse this condition and remain in Egypt.




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