2 Egyptian expats stabbed by Jordanians; perpetrators identified
Jordanian police

CAIRO: The Jordanian citizens, accused of stabbing two Egyptian expatriates in Amman city, have been indentified, MENA quoted security officials in Jordan, who launched a police hunt to arrest them.

The accident took place Friday night after a quarrel between the two Egyptians and five Jordanians.

The state of Ayman Zahgar, one of the two Egyptians injured, is “serious” as he was stabbed in the neck, while the state of the second, Swars Qotb, is medium; both are from Upper Egypt’s governorate of Minya.

The Egyptian embassy in Jordan has been following on the case, head of the consulate department Sherif Mokhtar was quoted by MENA Saturday. The consulate is also following up on investigations being carried out into the assault.

In a different incident, the body of a 33-yearr-old Egyptian guard was found with a shot in the head; investigations into the incident are underway, according to a Jordanian security source.

At least three assault incidents against Egyptian expatriates have been reported during past few weeks.

Two Kuwaitis hit a group of four Egyptian nationals by a car after a quarrel, leaving one dead and three others sustaining severe injuries.  A Kuwaiti national was charged of the murder of the Egyptian expatriate.

In October, an Egyptian national called Mohamed Salah living in Kuwait, working as a pastry delivery man appeared in a video with his right eye bruised and head bandaged, describing how he was assaulted while delivering an order to a home.

Another incident took place in Jordan, where an Egyptian employee working at a restaurant was assaulted by brothers of a Jordanian parliamentarian over “delayed order;” the assault was captured on video.

Such incidents have raised controversy and anger among social media users who discussed Egyptian expatriates’ dignity and their living conditions abroad.

Additional reporting by Nourhan Magdi.

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