Spain warns nationals against travel to Egypt
Spain's PM Mariano Rajoy - REUTERS

CAIRO: The Spanish government has issued a travel warning for Egypt, saying “it is an extremely dangerous trip,” Spanish El Mundo reported Saturday.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry recommended the tourists to be cautious against “extreme danger” in Sinai but saw no risks in Upper Egypt’s Luxor and Aswan, and ruled out any evacuation of its nationals, saying “”Right now no region of the world and no country is safe from possible terrorist acts.”

Moscow, London, Germany, Belgium and France have suspended some flights to Egypt, particularly to Sharm el Sheikh Airport, following the crash of the Russian Plane in central Sinai in which all 224 people on board killed on Oct. 31. Russia and UK have started evacuating their nationals from Egypt since Nov. 5.

The British and U.S. governments stated that the crash could be caused by an explosive device on board; however, Egypt and Russia cautioned against jumping to conclusions.

The international investigation team announced Saturday that the debris of the crash was consistent with an “in-flight break-up,” but said that it had not reached a conclusion about its cause.

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