Brotherhood’s Badie, 17 MB leaders put on terror list by court ruling: official paper
Mohamed Badie- Youm7

CAIRO: Former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and 17 other leaders were put on the list of “Terrorist Entities and Individual” for three years per a court ruling, state official newspaper al-Waqaei al-Masryia reported.

The newspaper published a Cairo Criminal Court ruling from Sept. 16. By publishing the court ruling in the paper, the decision shall come into force per Egyptian Criminal Code.

The 18 MB leaders were sentenced to death and life imprisonment over killing and inciting violence against demonstrators outside the MB Guidance Bureau on June 30, 2013. Nine protesters were killed and 91 others were injured.

In February, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi decree a law on “terrorist entities and individual” by which he defines a terrorist as any entity, organization, group, individual, or cell that participates inside or outside Egypt in a “terror act” against the people, environment, antiquities, transportation system, public and governmental entities, judiciary system, or diplomatic or consular staff.

Late Attorney General Hisham Barakat, who was assassinated June 29, ordered in March to list Badie and a number of the banned-group’s leaders as terrorist per Sisi’s decree which also stipulates that the General Prosecution has right to ask a court to label suspects terrorists in two lists: one for terrorist entities, and another for individuals after final verdicts.

Badie has appealed against the prosecution decision; The Court of Cassation, however,  dismissed on Sept. 2 the appeal, saying the Attorney General’s decision should be based on a ruling from a court. The Cairo Criminal Court issued on Sept. 16 the ruling to blacklist the convicts.

Badei was given three other death sentneces in terrorism-related charges.  In April 2014, Minya Criminal Court sentenced Badie along with 683 co-defendants to death for storming the Edwa Police Station in Upper Egypt’s governorate of Minya. In February 2015, the ruling was overturned and a retrial was granted.

In July 2014, the Banha Criminal Court sentenced 10 defendants including Badie, Beltagy and Hegazy to death for inciting others to clash with police forces which resulted in killing two civilians in Egypt’s Delta governorate of Qalubiya.

In May 2015, the North Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Badie, Morsi and other 104 MB defendants to death over escaping from jail in 2011, in the case publicly known as the “Wadi al-Natroun Prison break.”

More than a hundred years is the total submission of life imprisonment sentences against Badei over charges over killing and inciting violence following the ouster of former President Mhamed Morsi in July 2013.

Badie’s appeal against one of life imprisonment sentences was accepted by Court of Cassation Sunday over charges of killing, inciting violence, assembling in al-Bahr al-Aazam square in Giza where clashes broke out between pro-MB protesters and local residents and led to killing a military officer and injuring 6 others.

The clashes have erupted following June 30, 2013 public demonstrations that called for the end of Morsi and his Brotherhood group.

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