Plane crash investigators urge media to stick to official statements
Russian plane crash in Central Sinai

CAIRO: The committee investigating the Russian plane crash over Sinai has urged media outlets to commit to official statements regarding the accident, according to a Sunday press release by the committee.

In the release, the committee said that any information or news published by media outlets or news agencies attributed to members of the investigating team is “incorrect and unreliable.”

Further, the release assured that the committee has only issued one statement on Saturday, which was signed by its 47-member committee formed of experts from Egypt, Russia, Germany, France and Ireland.

Reuters published a report Sunday anonymously quoting a member of the investigating team who indicated that it is “90 percent sure” the noise heard in the final second of a cockpit recorder on the ill-fated plane was “an explosion caused by a bomb.”

American and British intelligence were quoted in western media indicating the flight was targeted by a bomb on board.

On the crash day Oct. 31, the Islamic State (IS) group claimed it downed the jet in retaliation to Russian strikes in Syria.

Both Egyptian and Russian officials, however, ruled out premature conclusions of the cause of the crisis.

The fatal crash has killed all 224 passengers and crew aboard the flight.

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