Expats call on compatriots to visit Egypt
Cairo International Airport - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Union of Egyptians in Europe calls on all expatriate Eygptians to come and visit Egypt in order to support the limping tourism industry, union head Dr. Essam Abdel Samad told Youm7 Tuesday.

The Egyptian Federation Council in Europe will meet next Thursday with British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond in order to “clarify the whole picture of the crisis of the Russian aircraft.”

A Russian plane crashed in the Sinai, killing all 224 passengers and crew on board on Oct. 31. Although the Islamic State group quickly claimed responsibility for the bomb as “retribution” for Russian airstrikes against the group in Syria, Cairo dismissed the possibility of a terrorist attack, saying that the flight was travelling too high to be targeted by a missile.

Following the crash, swift decisions were taken by a number of countries including Germany, Russia, France and the UK to evacuate their tourists from the resort town, after reports that a bomb may have been the cause.

An international investigation team released a statement Saturday that the debris pattern was consistent with an “in-flight break-up,” but that the team was looking into the possible causes of the “break-up.”

Samad added that the union in Europe will hold a meeting in London with 10 ambassadors of Western countries including Germany, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, Austria, Russia , the Netherlands, France and Spain, to demand the encouragement of tourism to Egypt.

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