SIGMA Capital to Attract Investments to Egypt
SIGMA Capital

CAIRO: SIGMA Capital will participate in the 13th Annual Asia & Frontiers Leaders’ Conference from the 7th to 10th of November in London. With the development in Egypt’s foreign relations map, SIGMA Capital aims to act as the liaison between investors in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Egypt through the memorandum of cooperation signed with CIMB.

SIGMA Capital’s participation in this conference is part of this cooperation protocol, with the specific goal of being the gateway of investment for (ASEAN) investors to Egypt, as well as the selected partner for Egyptian businessmen looking for opening new markets or commercial and investment cooperation with partners from ASEAN nations.

Commenting on SIGMA Capital’s participation in the conference, Mr. Ahmed Marwan, SIGMA Capital’s Chairman, said: “We have a huge responsibility being the only participant from Egypt in the conference. Since our relationship started with CIMB two years ago, we have felt the interest of ASEAN in investing in Egypt. SIGMA Capital’s responsibility lies in selecting the proper timing and form of entry into the Egyptian market to become part of Egypt’s economic growth”.

Marwan Added: “We also see many opportunities for trade partnership between Egypt and ASEAN, and we hope to play an effective role in promoting investment relations with partners from ASEAN. We are honored with the participation of Dr. Sherif Otaifa, Consultant to the Minister of Investment, who has been invited to help promote foreign direct investments (FDI) into Egypt”.

Attending from SIGMA Capital’s side are Mr. Ahmed Marwan, Executive Chairman of the Board, Ms. Maha Baligh, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Khaled Hamza, Chief Strategist, as well as Mr. Haitham Abo Shady, Head of Foreign Desk and Mr. Mohamed Waked, Head of Research. SIGMA Capital will also host Dr. Sherif Otaifa, Consultant to the Minister of Investment in Egypt.

About SIGMA Capital

Established in 2000, SIGMA Capital Holding is one of the leading financial services companies in Egypt providing top-notch quality to the regional market. SIGMA Capital’s first endeavor in Egypt was to establish its securities brokerage business, expanding its’ service offerings to include custody, investment banking, asset management and private equity. Through its line of financial services, SIGMA Capital aims to set the benchmark for quality in financial services.

About CIMB

CIMB is one of the largest banks in the ASEAN region, and one of the largest Islamic banks in the world. Based in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, CIMB provides retail, commercial and wholesale banking services, in addition to Islamic banking services and asset management products. As the fifth largest bank in the ASEAN, CIMB employs more than forty thousand employees in 17 countries.

About Dr. Sherif Otaifa

Dr. Otaifa has been working with the Ministry of Investment since 2005, and he is one of the consultants responsible for implementing initiatives that aim to build an attractive investment environment in Egypt, as well as to develop partnerships between the public and private sectors and the non-banking financial services sector. He is active in issues related to research and policies that improve the investment framework, as well as infrastructure development, and establishing guidelines for successful private sector participation to ensure the conversion to free market economy. His interests also include anti-trust and the protection of public interests.


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