Egypt’s Ministry of Heath under fire over death of a doctor
Dalia Mehriz - Photo courtesy of Facebook

CAIRO: After Egypt’s Minister of Health came under fire following death of a physician in Ismailia from meningitis several days ago.

Dalia Mehriz, the 29-year-old doctor and a mother of one, died Nov. 5 after contracting Pyogenis meningitis; her husband and a group of doctors in the Doctors’ Syndicate have blamed the Ministry of Heath for her death due to not providing required protective measures.

Mehriz was a physician making house calls in villages to consult with women about their health, as well as conduct vaccinations in Ismailia governorate. Her husband has filed a complaint against the ministry, calling for compensation for her death.

According to a medical report issued by the Suez Canal University Special Hospital where Dalia died, she was transported to the hospital on Oct.28 and suffered from fever, and she was put in intensive care, Youm7 reported. Her condition was too critical to be transported to a fever hospital, the reported added.

Pyogenic, or bacterial, meningitis first causes inflammation in throat and inner ears, then spreads to the meninges causing death, Fever Hospital of Imbaba deputy Samir Antar told The Cairo Post Tuesday.

Doctor Syndicate members have called to increase the amount of “’infection compensation,” so that a doctor infected can afford his treatment, as well as the necessity of providing all protective measures for doctors.

“In Egypt, a doctor gets infection allowance (as a compensation) of 19 EGP ($2.37) while a judge obtains 5,000 ($622.66) as an allowance for the same purpose. It sums up the doctor’s situation in Egypt and indicates how the state neglects the doctors,” General Surgery professor in al-Qasr al-Eini Hospital told Youm7 Saturday.

“There should be highest protective measures, but such matters are almost absent in all Egypt’s health institutions,” he added.

In February 2014, four doctors died due to respiratory infection that led to deadly pneumonia. In April 2014, doctors staged partial work strikes for improving medical care system.


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