Foster + Partners wins tender to develop Maspero Triangle district
Maspero Triangle master plan. Maspero Company Facebook page.

CAIRO: The London-based Foster + Partners for architecture won an international tender to redevelop and design the master plan for Cairo’s Maspero Triangle neighborhood dominated by informal settlements, Al Ahram reported Tuesday.

According to the master plan set by the winning company, “The high-rise blocks along the waterfront will house offices and shops, while smaller scale housing will be set further inland to accommodate the majority of the 35,000 citizens currently live in the area.”

The development of the 74-acre area was first initiated over 15 years ago as the old buildings represented a threat to the lives of the inhabitants.  The notion has been met with opposition over concerns that the area’s low-income inhabitants would be evacuated from their homes and businesses to free the land for luxury schemes.

The final decision to demolish the buildings in the area was issued in 2014 by former Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab.

“The basic idea dominating the project is to maintain the inhabitants of the area while the project is being carried out taking into account the social dimension,” Ahmed Zaaza, cofounder of Madd platform was quoted by Al Ahram.

According to the master plan, pedestrian bridges will connect the area with the upscale district of Zamalek across the Nile, Al Ahram reported.



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