Pope Tawadros II urges Egyptians to encourage domestic tourism
Pope Tawadros II -YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria and Patriarch of St. Mark See has urged Egyptians to encourage limping domestic tourism in the wake of a Russian plane crash, Youm7 reported.

“Malicious rumors and groundless analysis launched after the Russian plane crash has negatively impacted the Egyptian tourism industry, thus the Egyptian people must travel to the tourist destinations and encourage domestic tourism to compensate for the national economy,” Tawadros II said during Wednesday mass held at the Virgin Mary Church in Cairo’s district of Massara.

Following the Oct. 31 crash that killed 224 passengers and crew, swift decisions were taken by a number of countries including Germany, Russia, France and the UK to evacuate their tourists from the resort town, after reports that a bomb may have been the cause.

A report released by the investigation team stated that the debris pattern is consistent with an “in-flight break-up,” but have declined to state what may have caused it while the investigation is ongoing. British Prime Minister David Cameron has stated that the cause was “probably” a bomb, but Cairo and Moscow have urged countries to wait until the committee report is released.

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