13.4 tons of subsidized commodities confiscated before sale at black market
Wheat, on a farm, in Qalubiyah, North Cairo, Egypt - AP/Hassan Ammar

CAIRO: A total of 7.2 tons of subsidized flour and wheat and 6.2 tons of other subsidized commodities were confiscated before being sold at the black market, according to a Thursday statement by the Supply Police.

The seized flour and wheat were registered in four separate lawsuits, while the other subsidized commodities came with nine lawsuits. Egypt allots a large portion of its budget to subsidizing basic commodities, including gas and foods.

Further, 18.3 tons of rotten meat and poultry, with 16 separate lawsuits, were also confiscated.

The Supply Police has embarked on a campaign to control the leakage of subsidized commodities into the black market and traders unfairly raising prices of basic goods.

Many tons of products unfit for human consumption or of an unknown source have been confiscated in recent weeks.

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