European Parliament to adopt Egypt’s Dar al-Iftaa as reference
Adviser to Grand Mufti Ibrahim Negm (left) and Member of European Parliament Sajjad Karim - Youm7

CAIRO: The European Parliament (EP) will adopt Egypt’s Dar al-Iftaa as a reference for Islamic fatwas, according to a Friday statement by Adviser to Grand Mufti Ibrahim Negm.

A high-level delegation from Dar al-Iftaa will visit the EP to finish relevant procedures.

During a meeting with the EP’s Muslim member Sajjad Karim, Negm agreed to provide the EP with 1,000 official fatwas translated into English, French and German that consider the conditions of Europe’s Muslim community.

He also promised to translate reports issued by Dar al-Iftaa’s observatory, founded to refute fatwas of extremist groups in a scientific fashion. The possibility of training European imams in the field of countering extremism was also discussed in the meeting, according to the statement.

In an earlier speech before the EP, Negm called for exerting more efforts to prevent insults to Islam in Europe or inciting hatred towards Muslims.

Islamophobia damages the interests of western societies because it fuels hate, threatens societal peace and promotes extremism, he said, adding that Europe’s Muslims are part of the fabric of the European society.

Peaceful coexistence and recognition of religions is evidence of civility and democracy; hence awareness is needed to counter any provocative attempts to harm it.

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